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Arcade Game Machine

  • Arcade Games Classic

    Arcade Games Classic

    The rear panel of the arcade games is a whole piece of board that can be opened or removed behind the shell of the game machine, and is combined with other parts of the casing to form a closed space to protect the internal components of the game machine. At the same time, the...

  • Mario Games Arcade

    Mario Games Arcade

    The mario games arcade control panel is a flat panel with a joystick, game buttons, game knobs, game trackball or game light gun. It is located on the outside of the front side of the frame, directly below the frame, and the control panel integrates the game control...

  • Ultimate Arcade Games

    Ultimate Arcade Games

    The ultimate arcade games frame is used to display the display. It is located in the middle section or the outside vertical position on the front of the frame. The interior is placed with an oblique or upright display. The outer cover is made of transparent plexiglass. There...

  • Arcade Game Console

    Arcade Game Console

    The arcade game console frame is composed of the outer casing of the machine (usually wood products) and internal electronic components. The outer casing of the upright frame can be divided into a frame head, a frame surface, a control panel, a frame belly, a frame side panel...

  • Arcade Game Consoles

    Arcade Game Consoles

    The arcade game consoles are business-specific game consoles placed in public entertainment venues. It can also be called a large-scale video game (also known as "Daitai" in Taiwan), which originated from American bars. The game running on the arcade is called...

  • Traditional Arcade Games

    Traditional Arcade Games

    Traditional arcade games are ideal for large shopping malls, urban centers, commercial gatherings with the most passenger traffic, the most concentrated leisure and entertainment, and the ideal place for toy cranes. For example: commercial plaza, large department stores,...

  • Classic Arcade Games

    Classic Arcade Games

    Classic arcade games The company sells a variety of 32-inch fighting machines Fighting machine arcade Fighter fighting machine Large coin-operated game machines. Classic arcade games arcade game machine frame is original HD video, clear picture, smooth and high quality playback

  • Amusement Arcade Games

    Amusement Arcade Games

    Amusement arcade games are business-specific game consoles placed in public entertainment venues. They can also be called large-scale video games, originating from American bars. The arcade games arcade games are composed of empty boxes, picture tubes, scanning bases, power...

  • Amusement Arcade Machines

    Amusement Arcade Machines

    Amusement arcade machines can only cause you to play with just one controller. It is because of the special nature of the game controller that controllers other than FTG-type games are difficult to popularize in the home. At the same time, this is also an attractive point for...

  • Donkey Kong Arcade Game

    Donkey Kong Arcade Game

    The donkey kong arcade game is composed of a computer board, a box-type switching power supply, a coin acceptor, a control keypad, a scanning board, a picture tube, a speaker and a slot. Some machines also have a coin return device. Donkey kong arcade game The current arcade...

  • Mini Arcade Games

    Mini Arcade Games

    Mini arcade games Due to glory or respect for themselves, the arcade is full of battle and mission. The battles held in this lug lug world are only because of their skills, power martial arts and power Mini arcade games Arcades of different ages, from design requirements to...

  • Shinobi Arcade Game

    Shinobi Arcade Game

    Shinobi arcade game lets us play the new thrilling street kung fu battle game fanatic 3D action as a superhero street fighter. Shinobi arcade game In 1971, a computer lab in the United States developed the world's first "arcade". This console called...

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Here GUANGSHENG brings you a wide selection of high-end, quality and durable arcade game machine from its professional factory. Founded in 2003, we're known as one of the leading and professional arcade game machine manufacturers and suppliers. Please rest assured to get the customized machines from us.