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Arcade Game Machine

  • Wonder Boy Arcade

    Wonder Boy Arcade

    Does wonder boy arcade still remember that when he fights with his opponents, he will never give up and never give up? Do you still remember the horrifying beat behind the arcade game, even a good friend jokes When the wonder boy arcade user moves the position, the computer...

  • Sonic Arcade Games

    Sonic Arcade Games

    There is a more important connection between the sonic arcade games and virtual reality technology. As an application platform, the game also plays a huge demand for the development of VR reality technology. Sonic arcade games talk about arcade games compared to TV consoles,...

  • Sega Arcade Games

    Sega Arcade Games

    Sega arcade games let us play the new thrilling street kung fu battle game fanatic 3D action as a superhero street fighter. Although the sega arcade gamesVR technology has only appeared in recent years, it has been applied in many fields, military aerospace simulation...

  • Antique Coin Operated Games

    Antique Coin Operated Games

    Antique coin operated games Due to glory or respect for themselves, the arcade is full of battles and missions. The battles held in this lug lug world are only because of their skills, power martial arts and power The scene of the antique coin operated games virtual game,...

  • Coin Operated Games Machines

    Coin Operated Games Machines

    Coin operated games machines have created many classics in this 38-year history, and these classics also represent the various stages of arcade games. Let's take a look back at the arcade game for 38 years. Pass the road Coin operated games machines 9dvr virtual reality...

  • Penny Pusher Arcade Game

    Penny Pusher Arcade Game

    Penny pusher arcade game In 1971, a computer lab in the United States developed the world's first "arcade". This console for "COMPUTER SPACE" already has some basic features of arcade. Penny pusher arcade game wear virtual reality device, your vision...

  • Arcade Games Retro

    Arcade Games Retro

    Arcade games retro Some Japanese electronics companies also developed video game consoles for entertainment in the early 1970s. They seem to gradually replace marbles, pachinko machines and game consoles made with mechanical principles. Arcade games retro in the role of...

  • Vintage Arcade Machines

    Vintage Arcade Machines

    Vintage arcade machines also attracted a lot of new players. Therefore, in some large video game towns in Beijing, many people can still enjoy the classic arcade games. Vintage arcade machines There are a lot of young people in Japan who specialize in living and playing with...

  • Pacman Arcade Game

    Pacman Arcade Game

    Pacman arcade game Many people still miss the slot machine game that was played on the street. Now, although there are many stand-alone games on the computer, they can't satisfy people's love for street-slot machines. The pacman arcade game slot machine downloads...

  • Arkanoid Arcade Game

    Arkanoid Arcade Game

    Arkanoid arcade game, especially with the changes of people's hobbies, there are also many emerging projects such as dance machines, music performances, shooting games, etc. in the arcade hall. Arkanoid arcade game Slot machine strategy It is a pleasure to go to the...

  • Arcade Games For School

    Arcade Games For School

    Arcade games for school is a high-tech integrated technology that combines computer graphics (CG) technology. Although arcade games for school still has an arcade game hall, for various reasons, it no longer belongs to us, no longer has the atmosphere that makes people feel...

  • Cocktail Table Games Machine

    Cocktail Table Games Machine

    The cocktail table games machine is a high-tech that has emerged in recent years. It can simulate the creation of a virtual space, allowing users to observe things in space as if they were immersive. Cocktail table games machine is the oldest video game. Looking back at...

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Here GUANGSHENG brings you a wide selection of high-end, quality and durable arcade game machine from its professional factory. Founded in 2003, we're known as one of the leading and professional arcade game machine manufacturers and suppliers. Please rest assured to get the customized machines from us.