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Cocktail Arcade

  • Classic Arcade Game

    Classic Arcade Game

    The current classic arcade game has attracted a lot of casual players, a large number of music and somatosensory games, and the difficulty of getting started is not high, and it is easy to get the recognition of the group. You can find many different versions of classic...

  • Joust Arcade Game

    Joust Arcade Game

    The biggest difference between the joust arcade game and other types of games is the controller of the game. Joust arcade game During the slot game: In multiple games, the more coins you put in (usually up to 5, but it can be more), the more you win. Each coin is doubled, so...

  • Top Arcade Games

    Top Arcade Games

    Top arcade games just look at one controller and it can be very appealing to you. Because of the special nature of game controllers, controllers other than FTG-type games are difficult to popularize in the home. At the same time, this is also an attractive point for arcade...

  • Arcade Fighting Games

    Arcade Fighting Games

    Arcade fighting games also has a lot of ACG adapted products and FANS products to the market. Novelty and fun models emerge one after another Intention to create every safe and stylish arcade fighting games, cool external light is more attractive, high quality game keys,...

  • The Simple Arcade

    The Simple Arcade

    The simple arcade has attracted more casual players, a large number of music and somatosensory games, and it is not difficult to get started. People can easily get the approval of the group. The simple arcade makes the exquisite game bring more exciting experience to the...

  • New Arcade Games

    New Arcade Games

    The new arcade games are completely different from the design requirements to the design method. The new arcade games are not the same as the game's setting concept. The new arcade game is not only the sense of the screen, but also the game itself. The more diverse, the...

  • Cool Arcade Games

    Cool Arcade Games

    Cool arcade games Japan’s electronics companies also developed electronic game consoles for people to enjoy at entertainment venues in the early 1970s. They seem to gradually replace pinball machines, pinball machines, and those that use mechanical principles. Cool arcade...

  • Fun Arcade Games

    Fun Arcade Games

    The arcade platform has created many classics in this 38-year history, fun arcade games and these classics also represent the various stages of development of arcade games. Let's take a look back at the arcade games that we have been through for 38 years. The road Fun...

  • Play Arcade Games

    Play Arcade Games

    Play arcade games Let's Play New Thrilling Street Kungfu Battle Game Mania 3D Action As Super Hero Street Fighter Play arcade immersive movement, unmatched interactive rhythm, multi-entertainment consumption patterns (clip doll, coin pusher, sports somatosensory) Play...

  • Old Arcade Machines

    Old Arcade Machines

    The location of old arcade machines is very important, and it is also suitable for daily life. The most lived choices of old arcade machines are closer to residential areas. The leisure life under normal life means that parents and couples account for a relatively high...

  • Space Invaders Arcade

    Space Invaders Arcade

    The location of space invaders arcade is very important. It is also suitable for entertainment venues around the neighborhood. The next level of traffic-intensive choices, entertainment consumption usually has a certain purpose, but the fragmentation time is more. Examples:...

  • Frogger Arcade Game

    Frogger Arcade Game

    The location of the frogger arcade game is very important. It is suitable for large shopping centers, city centers, business gatherings with the largest passenger flow, the most concentrated leisure and entertainment, and the ideal place for toy cranes. Examples: commercial...

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Here GUANGSHENG brings you a wide selection of high-end, quality and durable cocktail arcade from its professional factory. Founded in 2003, we're known as one of the leading and professional cocktail arcade manufacturers and suppliers. Please rest assured to get the customized machines from us.