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Coin Operated Game Machine

  • Virtual Reality Glasses Games

    Virtual Reality Glasses Games

    Bored adults and children like to play virtual reality glasses games. When playing Sunday with friends, it is a very interesting thing to experience virtual reality glasses games. It can ease the depressed mood brought by work pressure when playing virtual reality glasses...

  • Virtual Reality Game Gear

    Virtual Reality Game Gear

    Taking into account the user's stickiness, want to do a good 9DVR experience museum of virtual reality game gear, marketing should also work hard. Compared with virtual reality game gear, which are particularly popular in the past two years, we can also open a public...

  • New Virtual Reality Technology

    New Virtual Reality Technology

    New virtual reality technologybelongs to the computer simulation profession. Virtual reality technologynew virtual reality technologyexperience a virtual world. It uses a computer to generate a simulation environment. It is a system simulation of multi-source information...

  • Latest Virtual Reality Technology

    Latest Virtual Reality Technology

    latest virtual reality technology In today's social trends, we all expect to make a difference in our career. However, long-term employment can only maintain a short-term status quo, can not meet the development of faster and faster social consumption levels, and venture...

  • Best Virtual Reality Device

    Best Virtual Reality Device

    With the sudden emergence of VR technology, the 9DVR experience hall of best virtual reality device has become popular, but due to its initial development,mostbest virtual reality device content is not rich enough, products are single, and the quality of the head is not good....

  • Virtual Reality Gaming Accessories

    Virtual Reality Gaming Accessories

    A virtual reality gaming accessories device refers to a hardware product related to a virtual reality technology field and is a hardware device used in a virtual reality solution. At this stage, thevirtual reality gaming accessories used can be roughly divided into four...

  • Best Virtual Reality Gear

    Best Virtual Reality Gear

    Our company's original intention was to give best virtual reality gear experience to those who could not experience in their lives. ;We are proud that our design team has built so many varieties of VR virtual reality ; devices over the past two years, built our brand and...

  • Virtual Reality Adventure

    Virtual Reality Adventure

    The future of virtual reality adventure is bound to develop in the direction of tactile sense. There is no more vivid tactile sense, and virtual reality adventure has no deep sense of reality. We have found innovative solutions for VR experiences that have given virtual...

  • Virtual Reality Egg Chair

    Virtual Reality Egg Chair

    I wonder if you have noticed that once there was a huge flow of people in shopping malls, in front of cinemas, playgrounds, etc., there would always be several round, egg-like chairs in a conspicuous place. This is a must-have for VR experience shops. One of the devices -...

  • 9d Virtual Reality Simulator

    9d Virtual Reality Simulator

    About the prospects The 9D irtual Reality Experience Museum features novel gameplay, flexible and flexible venues, and meets the needs of rigid and sticky target groups. It also features active on-site traffic flow and smarter operation modes. What is most worth mentioning is...

  • 9d Virtual Reality Experience

    9d Virtual Reality Experience

    9D VR virtual reality immersive game new experience 9DVR virtual reality is an innovative project that integrates 3D stereoscopic video, motion theater, head tracking, multiplayer interaction, mechanical numerical control, stereoscopic imaging, animation production, and...

  • Virtual Standing Roller Coaster

    Virtual Standing Roller Coaster

    In recent years, various theme parks have invested over tens of millions of roller coaster rides, pirate ships, big pendulums and other high-altitude rides. The news of frequent dangerous accidents is filled with people's nerves, making people worry about security and...

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Here GUANGSHENG brings you a wide selection of high-end, quality and durable coin Operated game machine from its professional factory. Founded in 2003, we're known as one of the leading and professional coin Operated game machine manufacturers and suppliers. Please rest assured to get the customized machines from us.