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  • Crane Toy Machine

    Crane Toy Machine

    Crane toy machine has a beautiful appearance, a solid structure, and is also very simple to operate. The appearance is attractive to attract consumers' attention. The key to crane toy machine is cheap. It is possible to pinch out the doll machine in one yuan. When you see...

  • Claw Crane Machine

    Claw Crane Machine

    Claw crane machine For people of all ages, the temptation of the doll machine is very large. Especially for people like young couples, they will catch dolls while waiting for a movie or shopping. Claw crane machine always sees all kinds of doll machines when strolling in the...

  • Where To Buy A Claw Machine

    Where To Buy A Claw Machine

    Where to buy a claw machine There are both large doll machines and mini doll machines; there are both European style doll machines and couple version doll machines. Where to buy a claw machine In the rapid development of the 21st century network, the use of the network to...

  • Toy Claw Machine Games

    Toy Claw Machine Games

    There are many manufacturers of toy claw machine games that provide customized services for doll machines. From the brand name, the recommended doll machine brand is also the Guangzhou doll machine. Toy claw machine games is an implementable operation. For students with low...

  • Mini Crane Machine

    Mini Crane Machine

    The mini crane machine is simple to operate. The operation of the doll machine project is relatively simple and does not need to wait around the clock. Only 2 to 3 times a day, entrepreneurs can spend their time and energy on other projects. Why is the mini crane machine a...

  • Tiny Claw Machine

    Tiny Claw Machine

    The investment in the cost of the tiny claw machine is not high, and the minimum investment of several thousand yuan can also start a business. It is understood that there are many styles of doll machines, and the grab numbers and functions of each model will be different....

  • Claw Grabber Machine

    Claw Grabber Machine

    Claw grabber machine The fixed cost of a toy crane includes machine purchase cost, rent, etc., and the variable cost includes labor cost, purchase doll cost, electricity fee and other expenses. Since the probability of grabbing can be artificially controlled, the gross profit...

  • Toy Claw Machine For Sale

    Toy Claw Machine For Sale

    The toy claw machine for sale has a long history of development, so it has also formed a clear profit model. The gross profit of the toy crane is mainly derived from the difference between the game fee paid by the player and the purchase price of the prize (mainly the plush...

  • Electronic Claw Game

    Electronic Claw Game

    The electronic claw game is a gift vending machine and is a relatively simple one in a large game machine. There are Japanese style clip machine (2 claws) and Korean clip doll machine (3 claws). Electronic claw game The current catching doll machine is very common, it can be...

  • Small Claw Machine

    Small Claw Machine

    Small claw machines are usually small toys, or small dolls, because small dolls are popular and popular, so people often like to play doll machines. The small claw machine has indeed become one of the coups for the rich business in the commercial center. "The positioning...

  • The Claw Machine Toy

    The Claw Machine Toy

    The claw machine toy has become a popular entertainment. Many merchants are interested in their business opportunities. They have come to the mall to rent and operate the toy claw machine. Toy claws can attract passengers, gather popularity, and many shopping malls have. The...

  • Crane Machine For Sale

    Crane Machine For Sale

    It is skillful to set up a lot of money for the crane machine for the sale machine. Therefore, in the course of business operation, we should adopt a pragmatic attitude and set the cost of the toy crane for each time according to the different groups of people facing the toy...

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