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  • Arcade Fishing Game Machine

    Arcade Fishing Game Machine

    The arcade fishing game machine is a large-scale flat game machine, which can be used by many people at the same time. It is developed by Jin Shengyuan animation technology. The game is rewarded by a fish school full of screens, and players control their own turrets to shoot...

  • Ocean King Arcade Game

    Ocean King Arcade Game

    The ocean king arcade game is suitable for single and small boats, bamboo rafts and other large-scale fishing. It is suitable for large and small fish ponds, rivers, reservoirs and lakes. It can be used throughout the day. The quality of the machine is relatively high....

  • Fish Hunter Arcade Game

    Fish Hunter Arcade Game

    The fish hunter arcade game is one of the best games currently on the market: the game uses a six-person machine and a four-person machine that can be used by multiple people at the same time. Players can play games in multiple modes and start a fishing attack. Different...

  • Electric Candy Claw Machine

    Electric Candy Claw Machine

    The location of electric candy claw machine is very important. It is suitable for large shopping malls, urban centers, business gatherings with the largest passenger flow, the most concentrated leisure and entertainment, and the ideal place forelectric candy claw machine....

  • Virtual Standing Roller Coaster

    Virtual Standing Roller Coaster

    In recent years, various theme parks have invested over tens of millions of roller coaster rides, pirate ships, big pendulums and other high-altitude rides. The news of frequent dangerous accidents is filled with people's nerves, making people worry about security and...

  • Virtual Reality Gaming Equipment

    Virtual Reality Gaming Equipment

    The disruptive nature of virtual reality and the imagination of peripheral experience devices have created VR virtual reality theme park equipment that can greatly enhance the immersive experience. Just like turning on the TV to watch movies and seeing IMAX movies in the...

  • Virtual Reality Game Console

    Virtual Reality Game Console

    In today's social trends, we all expect to make a difference in our career. However, long-term employment can only maintain a short-term status quo, can not meet the development of faster and faster social consumption levels, and venture capital is a way to change income...

  • Toy Crane Claw Machine

    Toy Crane Claw Machine

    Needless to say, toy cranes are suitable for places with various types of passenger flow, such as shopping malls, playgrounds, cinemas, stations, squares, parks, entrances to small supermarkets, and industrial areas. However, according to the current market conditions,...

  • The Claw Toy Grabber Machine

    The Claw Toy Grabber Machine

    1. The toy crane can be set to work mode as: A normal mode: coin can be a game, strong and weak can be set by the machine to control. B. Vending mode: You need to invest enough money in the machine to set up the game, continuous mode, until you get a gift. Why are excellent...

  • Claw Toy Grabber Machine

    Claw Toy Grabber Machine

    Kind of toy machine claw toy grabber machine are generally divided into two types, namely, grabs and pats. 1. Grabbing machine This kind of toy crane that catches a baby with claws is called a grasping machine. There are two types of grasping machine: large grasping machine...

  • The Claw Electronic Candy Toy Machine

    The Claw Electronic Candy Toy Machine

    In the toy candy claw machine, as for the consumption of candy in the toy box, the wholesale price does not exceed 10 pieces, and the probability of the machine catching the toy is adjustable, and the profit rate is surprisingly high. Some people also question the appeal of...

  • Toy Candy Claw Machine

    Toy Candy Claw Machine

    The operating principle of the toy claw machine, also known as toy candy claw machine , clamped toy machines, toy cranes, it is played by the player first to the "toy candy candy machine," the coin slot mouth investment, generally cast one or two dollars, and then...

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